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-So I am a major fangirl (Who goes overboard at times)
-I like starting things but I'm not good at sticking to them (I'm hoping that doesn't happen with this account)
-I have major anxiety issues and get stressed easy which is no fun
-I write lots of fanfics but usually never post them (Often because I never finish them with is a mix of point 2 and just me being shit at endings)
-I hate school with a passion and am changing to distance schooling (Google it if you wanna know)
-I'm always happy to talk and give advice but be warned I'm awkward
-My dream is to travel the world and apart from that I have no future plans... no I'm serious...nothing...I have no clue what I wanna be or what to do with my life... at all...
-Food is great and so is music, books and tv shows
- I love my friends and family even if they annoy me from time to time (Yes I do have friends thank you very much!)
-I am this weird...all the time...wherever or whoever I'm with...
-As it appears I like using this ... like the dots... but I have no idea what they're called...Do they even have a name?...Or are they just referred to as the-three-full-stops-in-a-row-thingy
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